Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rusty Steam Locomotives in Thessaloniki

I recently took a trip to Greece. We traveled by bus and our way to the sunny beach lead through the city of Thessaloniki. As we were exiting the city on the highway, I turned to left and I saw a train yard. I looked carefully and for a fraction of a second a rusty steam locomotive caught my eye. A few days later we went into Thessaloniki by bus again. This time I paid more attention and I managed to count 5 steam locos. Again, a few days have passed and we returned to the city. I went to the train yard to take photos of the locomotives. Unfortunately this was not allowed and the yard was guarded, so I could only take a few instant shots of two steamers:

I do not know anything about the locos, I have no idea what their ID is, when they were built or even what their wheel arrangement is, because the wild vegetation around them makes it impossible to count the wheels on the pictures. However, they must be two of the steam locomotives listed by at Thessaloniki. Also, it's possible that more info about them can be found here.

I tried to determine the location of the train yard and my best guess is that the locos are here:

I wish I could have looked at the locomotives more carefully and try to find the others too, but I only had a few seconds to take the shots, this information is all I could gather.


PussDaddy said...

Somehow the trains is still beautiful even in it's decrepit state.


Toby said...

Ok. I read your blog. Now read mine.
A Blog about me.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Just kidding. I don't wanna spam you.

But anyways, cool! You like trains! I do too. But i actually prefer the new types. As in, I don't like steam trains, I like the new bullet trains etc. I've actually only been on one bullet train in my life and that was in Taipei this year. It's called the HSR and it goes up to 300 kph.

jasonzorzos said...

i read this with the steam locos and i ll inform you about them. In this yard which is the cargo station of Thessaloniki there are 5 steam engines like you said. The one in the photo is Μα 1013, italian built by Ansaldo Breda after the WWII and it's the one of the two remaining Μα of the 20 that Greece baught. The other Μα 1002 is in Athens. Here is my video with the one in Thessaloniki: The second steam engine is Λβ 956, one of the four survivors in Greece and its NBLC Austerity class Λβ 951-966. Here are my videos with them: and The other three steams are the same model: ALCO/LIMA/Baldwin USATC S-160. And my video with one of them.:

Bazsó-Dombi András said...

Thank you!

jasonzorzos said...

You are welcome. If you find more greek trains post them to inform you about them...

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