Friday, September 11, 2009

CFR 620 "Murgeni" at Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

The CFR 620 steam locomotive is the last surviving representative of a series of 84 locomotives built more than a century ago, between 1890 and 1893, by different German and Belgian companies for CFR, numbered 597 through 680. These locomotives were used to pull both passenger and freight trains all across the old Romanian Kingdom, but only on sections of track with relatively low grade (on plains). Due to their simple construction they were easy to service and they proved to be both effective and reliable, this is why later CFR ordered more of them. The next locomotives were built between 1899 and 1907 and numbered 688-743. All these locos were used in Romania until around the year 1960 when they were retired from service.
The C-n2 type CFR 620 locomotive, nicknamed "Murgeni", built by the Société Franco-Belge de Matériel de Chemins de Fer in 1890, was used on Moldavian lines until 1950. After that it was taken to the Bucharest marshalling yard and used for another 21 years. Since 1971 it was exhibited in the Bucharest railway museum until the point when it was finally transfered to its current place, the Sibiu steam locomotive museum.

ID: CFR 620 "Murgeni"
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0
Built: 1890
Builder: Société Franco-Belge de Matériel de Chemins de Fer
Top speed: 55 km/h
Gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Location: Sibiu, Romania (steam locomotive museum)

The locomotive is looked after in the museum but it's not being used anymore.


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