Saturday, September 12, 2009

CFR 1493 at Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

In 1894 Henshel & Sohn delivered the first 20 steam locomotives of this type to CFR. A total of 59 locomotives (numbered 1441-1499) were bought by CFR and they were used to pull passenger, freight and mixed trains.
The loco currently numbered 1493 (its original ID was 1497) is on display at the Sibiu steam locomotive museum. It was built in 1894 and had a top speed of 73 km/h.

ID: CFR 1493
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0
Built: 1894
Builder: Henchel & Sohn
Top speed: 73 km/h
Gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Location: Sibiu, Romania (steam locomotive museum)

The locomotive is in a fairly good shape, not being used anymore.


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