Thursday, February 24, 2011

CFR 764.059 in the Roman Gardens at Satu Mare

There were a total of 68 pieces of 760 mm narrow gauge steam locomotives in the 764.000 series used by CFR. These small locos mostly ran on forestry lines or used for industrial purposes. Well adapted for their purpose and resistant, a few are still working at Viseu de Sus, after so many years of exploitation.
One of these locos is CFR 764.059, which is not functional anymore, but is on display in the Roman Gardens (Ro: Gradina Romei, hu: Kossuth Kert) at Satu Mare in Romania. A little different from the usual representatives of the 764.000 series, it's one of the 9 engines bought from Chrzanow, Poland in 1949 (764.051 - 764.059).

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