Monday, January 25, 2010

CFF Viseu de Sus 764.421 "Elvetia"

Last fall I took a trip to Viseu de Sus to take a mocanita ride along the Vaser Valley. There I had the chance to see in action one of the last operating steam locomotives in Romania: CFF Viseu de Sus 764.421 nicknamed "Elvetia" after the Swiss non profit foundation that helps preserve the mocanita. Together with "Mariuta" and "Cozia-1", "Elvetia" takes logging train cars and tourists up and down the Vaser Valley on a daily basis. These three small narrow gauge steam locomotives are the last of their kind, still regularly used in Romania, both for transporting wood on the forest railway line and for tourist trips.

The little narrow gauge steamer was built in 1954 at Resita and is operating on the Vaser Valley mocanita line since 2006.

ID: CFF 764.421 "Elvetia"
Wheel arrangement: 0-8-0T
Built: 1954
Builder: "Uzinele Domeniilor" (Resita)
Top speed: 30 km/h
Power: 150 HP
Gauge: 760 mm
Location: CFF Viseu de Sus, Romania


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