Saturday, November 21, 2009

CFR 764.106 at Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

CFR 764.106 is one of the many steam locomotives of the 764.000 series. These locos were specially built for the Romanian narrow gauge forest lines by several factories. They proved to be very efficient and reliable, so they were used on many forest railways throughout the country. Actually, they were so fit for their purpose that after the steam era, between 1982 and 1987 the IRUM Reghin factory built an additional 12 locos of this type based on the original Resita design. A few are still working at Viseu de Sus.

CFR 764.106 was built by the "Uzinele Domeniilor" Resita factory and was part of the lot of 100 locomotives of this type built between 1951 and 1959 at Resita. It was assigned to the ministry of mining and it also did service on the Sibiu-Agnita line. This loco was retired late, only in 1998.

ID: CFR 764.106
Wheel arrangement: 0-8-0T
Built: 1952
Builder: "Uzinele Domeniilor" (Resita)
Top speed: 30 km/h
Gauge: 760 mm
Location: Sibiu, Romania (steam locomotive museum)

These days the little loco is not used anymore. It is on display at the Sibiu steam locomotive museum in a place where it is accessible to visitors. Unfortunately it is not in a great shape, it seems to me that even some wheels are missing.


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