Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CFR 6845 at Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

CFR 6845 is a little narrow gauge steam locomotive built by the August Borsig steam locomotive factories in 1908 in Wien for the Huszko, Lozinsky & Co. company in Kiev. So how did it end up in Romania? During World War I it was captured by Austrian troops and it was used in Galitia for operations. At the end of the war it happened to be on Romanian territory and it was taken over by the Romanian troops. So it became part of CFR's park of steam locomotives.

Being a private locomotive, it had no identification number (these locomotives usually just had a name), so when it became CFR's property, it received an ID equal to after its build number: 6845. It was assigned to the Sibiu depot and it was used there mostly for maneuvers until the 70s, when it was finally retired. Today it is being displayed in the Sibiu steam locomotive museum.
The small loco is unusable. Not much information is available about it. I couldn't even find out its top speed, but we do know for example that it has steam-operated brakes. Unfortunately, like many others, its behind the bushes, not displayed as it deserves.

ID: CFR 6845
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-2T
Built: 1908
Builder: August Borsig locomotive factories (Wien)
Gauge: 42"
Location: Sibiu, Romania (steam locomotive museum)


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