Thursday, January 12, 2012

CFR 40.005 near Subcetate Station

  Only one special cog railway (rack railway) line ever existed in Romania, between Caransebeş and Subcetate (in Hunedoara county). It was built in 1908 to connect the Petroşani region of the country, where coal existed, to the Resiţa region, rich in metals. The part of the line stretching from Boutari (Băuţar) to Zeicani was too steep for conventional locomotives, so it was fitted with a rack running between the tracks and special cog locomotives were bought for transporting the raw materials on it.

  Wiener Lokomotivfabriks, AG in Floridsdorf delivered 7 cog locomotives in 1908, which were classified into the 40D (40.000D) series of CFR locomotives and numbered from 40.001 to 40.007. They were used until 1978 when the whole line was closed. Today their situation is the following:

  These locomotives were considered to be very advanced technologically at the time when they were built. They possessed two 4-cylinder engines, one for the normal, adhesive wheels and one for the cog-wheels. These two engines could operate simultaneously and the non-cog engine could also work by itself.They always rode in the front of the train, so they needed to be turned around at the ends of the line. for this purpose two manual turntables were used, so the heavy machines were turned using human power. you can see an example of this in the movie "Steam in Roumania 1969". The top speed of the rack locos was 40 km/h on normal sections and 12 km/h on rack sections.

ID: CFR 40.005
Wheel arrangement: 2-8-2cog
Built: 1908
Builder: Wiener Lokomotivfabriks AG (Floridsdorf)
Top speed: 40 km/h on normal sections, 12 km/h on cog sections
Gauge: Standard (1435 mm)

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