Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mocanita din Viseu - Part 4

Around 12:30 the CFF Viseu 764.421 "Elvetia" locomotive, coupled to the back of the train and announced us with the whistle that it was time to leave for Viseu de Sus. So we all got back into the passenger cars and we slowly started rowling down the Vaser Valley.

The journey back seemed to be shorter. We stopped less and we traveled somewhat faster. Maybe it was because downstream the locomotive did not have to make a big effort, the train was rolling down mostly only using the brakes.

So, we arrived to Viseu de Sus. We took some last photos of the train and the mocanita trip was over.

It was truly a unique experience, one that I recommend to everybody who likes trains and nature. My only regret was that we only went to Paltin, we did not go further upstream, where there are tunnels and the nature is even wilder. But who knows, maybe they'll repair the line and will allow tourists to travel further next year. Hopefully the last real steam powered forest railway has a future and with the money gathered from tourists and with the help of the Swiss foundation we will see the little steam trains traveling up and down the Vaser Valley many years from now...

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