Monday, October 5, 2009

Mocanita din Viseu - Part 3

Mocanita of the Vaser Valley at Paltin

The mocanita has arrived to Paltin around 11:30 AM. The train chief told us, tourists, that we will have a one hour long brake before returning to Viseu de Sus. So we all got down from the train and started looking around. The landscape was beautiful, with many trees, rocks and the river of course. There was a merchant selling hot drinks and snacks. the prices were pretty high, but negotiable. There were a few wooden tables and benches, so we could sit down and eat our sandwiches in peace.
After a few minutes the mocanita went ahead a few hundred meters uphill and shortly after it pushed the passenger cars back onto a secondary line.

The locomotive went uphill again and started maneuvering with some train cars loaded with logs. I found it really interesting that it did not push the logs all the way down to the secondary line where they were meant to remain until a second locomotive came to pick them up, it just gave them a push and let them roll down freely. We didn't get a chance to see what finally happened to the logs but probably a Diesel loco picked them up later to be processed at Viseu de Sus. These days the steam locomotives are mostly used for tourist trains in order to keep them active as long as possible. The wood is transported mainly by Diesels.

When the maneuvers were complete, the CFF 764.421 "Elvetia" locomotive positioned itself near a small bridge over a little stream. The train chief took its long rubber hose and put it in the water in order to refill the locomotive.

Mocanita of the Vaser Valley refilled with water at Paltin

Finally, after another few minutes, the locomotive coupled to the opposite end of the passenger cars and we were announced that we should prepare ourselves to return to Viseu de Sus...

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