Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 trains de légende - 100 legendás vonat

Somebody dear to me, who knows my passion for trains, has given me, not so long ago, a very nice gift: a book that describes the evolution of the railroads from the first steam locomotives to the super-fast trains of today, all through the most famous pieces of railway history: locomotives of great innovation, like Richard Trevithick's first steam locomotive, Stephenson's "Rocket", the first German steamer, the "Adler", the Crampton locomotives, special luxurious train cars like the Pullman coaches, the first Diesel locomotives, the first electrics, the "Crocodile", the "Ice", the "Thalys" bullet, the TGV, the Taurus locomotives, the Siemens Desiro, african locomotives, rail motor coaches, the famous Hungarian 424.000 series and many others.

The original book was written in French by André Papazian and is entitled "100 trains de légende". My book is the Hungarian version: "100 legendás vonat", published in 2008 by Aréna 2000 Kiadó, Budapest. The book is not only a well-structured overview of the most famous locomotives and railroad inventions, but it also contains lots of beautiful images.

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