Friday, February 5, 2010

Derelict narrow gauge locomotives at Viseu de Sus

Unfortunately one can see many derelict narrow gauge locomotives at Viseu de Sus. During my mocanita trip I walked by the depot near the CFF station. Among the locomotives that I could identify I also found 3 broken steam locomotives from the 764.000 series and a small diesel locomotive, that I could not. Not used for many years, their number plates are long gone. The small locos once used to run daily on the mocanita line of the Vaser Valley, but now they are damaged irreparably. Most likely they will be slowly dismembered, their parts used as replacement for the operational locos.

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Cristake said...

There is a sad view, as sad as an elephants' cemetary... I wonder which could be the benefits of tourism if our "great" leaders would do something about restoration of narrow gauge rails that were, I guess, in a quite large number across the Transylvania.
Let me ask you a question, if I may... Do you know something about a narrow gauge railroad in Sighetu Marmatiei? I mean, one that no more exists, as far as I know - I saw it (and walked on it many times) as a child, visiting my relatives there. I couldn't find anything about on internet. Thank you.

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