Thursday, August 20, 2009

CFR 230.299 at Dej Triaj Depot

Between 1907 and 1930 the Romanian Railways (CFR) have bought 131 steam locomotives of type Prussian P8 from several german companies. These were the first ones in the 230.000 series. Because they worked very well in Romania and they were suitable for their purpose (pulling passenger and mail cars), Romania started building its own locomotives of this type. 139 were built at the "Uzinele Domeniilor" factory in Resita, Romania and 91 more at the Uzinele "Nicolae Malaxa" in Bucuresti, Romania, all between 1932 and 1940. The locomotives produced in Romania were revised, technically updated and they were able to burn both coal and crude oil as fuel. They were used in service until 1980. 10 locomotives of this type have been preserved, one of them is the 230.299, displayed at the Dej Triaj depot.

ID: CFR 230.299
Wheel arrangement: 4-6-0
Built: 1935
Builder: Uzinele Domeniilor (Resita)
Gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Location: Dej Triaj, Romania (depot)

The locomotive is a bit rusty, it has known better days, but it still looks good. Not used anymore.


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